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Can’t Keep It To Ourselves

Posted on October 25th by Barry Braun

Whether I have been deeply influenced by 2 Corinthians or just want to do more for Christ, I have been thinking about our mission. 2 Corinthians calls us Ambassadors for Christ (2 COR 5:20) which is an amazing title, to say the least. We have been studying this Letter as we began the new school […]

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Posted on September 30th by Barry Braun

I am excited about a new emphasis on communion in our church. We decided to have the elements of the Lord’s Supper available every Sunday. I have been a pastor for 32 years and never chose to move in this direction. But I have been so surprised by this new approach. As I have felt […]

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What I did on my summer vacation!

Posted on September 1st by Barry Braun

I am not sure this title will generate much interest but what is on my mind might. This summer has been like most summers lately as I cycle more often, visit my elderly parents in Minnesota, highlight a few big events through the church and finish a couple projects around the house. But something far […]

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