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God’s Blessing

Posted on July 31st by Barry Braun

What constitutes evidence of God’s blessing? I have been asking that question about our church because it seems like God is blessing us in so many ways. I wonder if we would define it as freedom from problems? Then we missed God’s blessing because the January 9th fire was very challenging and appeared to really set us […]

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The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Posted on June 12th by Barry Braun

This is not only the focus of our summer sermon series but it is a topic of intrigue for me as an individual. I want to tackle the “tough” words of Jesus like, “If your hand causes you to sin cut it off.” I still have two hands but my hands are not sinless, I […]

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We’re coming home!

Posted on April 9th by Connie

We’re having our first service back at our home location, 4290 Portland Road this Sunday, April 12. Click this photo to share this with everyone. Click here for an image to share on Instagram.  

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