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Posted on May 13th by Barry Braun

As you can see I have not been very consistent with my blogs. I had the goal of writing one a month but that hasn’t happened. So I decided this is my last blog. Actually that is the title Derek Miller used to say goodbye to everyone. A few years ago he realized that his […]

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Posted on February 18th by Barry Braun

My previous blog highlights the word “better.” That describes 2015 at New Harvest so well. God made last year better. He gets the credit for sure! But this year’s word is different in several ways. Primarily “stronger” is connected to my effort. If I say I want to be stronger by December 31st, I will […]

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Posted on December 30th by Barry Braun

I am a New Year’s kind of guy. I like new beginnings. Last year I had this strong impression as we began 2015 that the Lord would cause our ministry to be better. Nine days in the new year we had a fire that displaced us from our church building for three months. Who would […]

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    Undivided: Death in His Grave

    Pastor Tyler Braun

    Few things are more all-encompassing than the fear of death, and yet this fear is pervasive throughout society today. To conclude chapter 15 of 1st Corinthians, Paul begins to show what difference Christ’s resurrection makes for an individual’s life and death. It would be tough to find something more important to consider.

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