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The Theme of Hebrews

Posted on October 26th by Barry Braun

We are walking through the New Testament Book of Hebrews this school year. This Sunday we begin with chapter 4 but we already know what the theme is of the Book. Every school aged child in church might suggest the theme being “Jesus.” They would not be wrong. However, there is a more intriguing theme […]

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Posted on September 28th by Barry Braun

Did you know that “connection” is highly valued at New Harvest?! Why would that be? Because we believe it is what we all need most. What do I mean by “connection?” Obviously, I am pointing to relationships. One relationship soars above the rest. The wise man Solomon wrote these words: “A man of many companions […]

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Let the Fall Season Begin

Posted on August 24th by Barry Braun

My excitement is building as we are days away from September. This is my favorite time of the year. I like the weather, the routine, the return and the renewed desire to be more engaged in the life of the church. I am a pastor and I live for the Bride. Obviously, I mean that […]

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