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“The Last Post”

Posted on April 15th by Barry Braun

What if you read this title and realized that I am gone.  Holy Week actually gets me thinking about death.  I am reading the chapters in the Bible about Jesus’ last hours before death.  He ate his last supper.  He walked his last mile.  He breathed his last breath.  So, it makes me think about […]

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Get or Give

Posted on March 7th by Barry Braun

The terms I used in my weekly email sent out today were consumer verses servant.  As I was graduating from seminary in 1987, the focus of most contemporary books for pastors was on how to grow.  We never used this title but it is now known as the “attraction-model.”  In recent discussions with leaders of […]

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Home on Sunday

Posted on February 9th by Barry Braun

It isn’t vacation; I’m not golfing; there’s no flu epidemic – but I’m home and it’s Sunday morning.  Most of you know why I’m home at 11am on a Sunday.  I am looking out my window at a foot of melting snow.  I have lived in Oregon for 19 years and I think this is […]

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