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September Came and Went

Posted on October 17th by Barry Braun

You might not have noticed but I try to send a blog once a month. I know that is way below the national average for bloggers but readership isn’t breaking any records either. My blog for September was meant to be upbeat and full of hope. I began the month with a genuine excitement for […]

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FEAR… not!

Posted on August 22nd by Barry Braun

Recently I wrapped up our summer sermon series on the trends in our world that have the potential to squeeze us into its mold. It seems as if cultural change is moving at a frenetic pace. The issues surface everyday with more things to combat and more problems to fear. The headlines should include a […]

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Posted on July 30th by Barry Braun

Recently I spoke on the prevalence of addiction in our culture. If interested, it was my sermon on Sunday, July 20th. I have thought about that message often since then because of the unique way it was received. Here’s what I mean: the audience was very subdued with minimal reaction to the stories shared and […]

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