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Posted on March 1st by Barry Braun

I am a “numbers” guy so the idea of seven is very interesting to me. It is most often viewed as the number of completion. The creation was completed in seven days according to the Bible. The rainbow is significant to God’s promises and it has seven colors. The Israelite’s marched around Jericho seven times […]

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Posted on January 3rd by Barry Braun

How’s that for an interesting title?! There are at least two tens that make us more complete as we begin the New Year. Ten is the number for completion so two tens is way more than 20. This January we will meet at 10AM as well as intentionally pray for our church 10 minutes a […]

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Can’t Keep It To Ourselves

Posted on October 25th by Barry Braun

Whether I have been deeply influenced by 2 Corinthians or just want to do more for Christ, I have been thinking about our mission. 2 Corinthians calls us Ambassadors for Christ (2 COR 5:20) which is an amazing title, to say the least. We have been studying this Letter as we began the new school […]

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