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Sunday Mornings by Tyler

Posted on February 15th by Barry Braun

A faith shift that I’ve been trying to emphasize in my life is my approach to Sunday morning. As a pastor my Sunday mornings are tied up with leading the church in worship, in prayer, and often in opening God’s Word to teach from it. I love the gathering of God’s church. It’s always a […]

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Story Line – 2019

Posted on December 31st by Barry Braun

I have been inspired by the compilation of a script that describes the story we want to repeat in the lives of people we meet as individuals and as a church. In summary, we desire to help people overcome fear and receive hope, similar to the heartbeat on David in Psalm 27: “The Lord is […]

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Posted on November 21st by Barry Braun

It seems to me that anxiety is on the increase. If the graph of anxiety in our society was related to the stock market people would be making millions. As many articles on the topic would suggest, we are growing more anxious. Here’s a sample statement:┬áIf you’re feeling stressed, uncertain about what the future holds, […]

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