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Two Little Words

Posted on November 23rd by Barry Braun

Since the closest holiday is Thanksgivings I bet you can guess what two words I am highlighting. If your mother was like mine, she made you say it even if you didn’t feel like saying it. But no matter what, Mom was right. Uttering these two little words even when they aren’t completely sincere still […]

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Posted on October 30th by Barry Braun

This is not a brand of yogurt but it is the word for household in Koine Greek. We have been using it to highlight our Wednesday night ministry of discipleship for all ages, “bringing family together.” We began a 6 week test run of OIKOS on October 7th and it has exceeded all our expectations. […]

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Posted on September 5th by Barry Braun

What do you think of when you hear the title “Pastor?” I hope you feel hopeful and positive. The title is an endearing description for many. I am honored to be called a pastor. It is meant to convey caring, guidance, leadership and protection. It is literally the word for shepherd. Recently we announced that […]

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