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The Eclipse

Posted on August 18th by Barry Braun

As Monday, August 21st approaches we all wonder what our city will be like. I think there is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. But I will not try to push you in either direction. I would like to make a spiritual analogy about the eclipse. First of all, what is an eclipse? Quite simple, […]

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Psalms: In the End, Praise!

Posted on June 9th by Barry Braun

It is surprising to me after 20 years of preaching most Sundays I have never tackled a series on Psalms. But that will end this summer. We have twelve Sundays marked out for Psalms! I wonder what your thoughts are about studying Psalms for the summer? Some of you might think we are headed into […]

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10 Minutes a Day

Posted on April 28th by Barry Braun

My son Tyler suggested I write an EBook for our guests on Easter. It was easy to decide what to write on since there is a new practice in my life that highlights every day. Since the beginning of 2017 I have carved out 10 minutes everyday to devote myself to prayer. I wondered if […]

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