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Psalms: In the End, Praise!

Posted on June 9th by Barry Braun

It is surprising to me after 20 years of preaching most Sundays I have never tackled a series on Psalms. But that will end this summer. We have twelve Sundays marked out for Psalms! I wonder what your thoughts are about studying Psalms for the summer? Some of you might think we are headed into […]

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10 Minutes a Day

Posted on April 28th by Barry Braun

My son Tyler suggested I write an EBook for our guests on Easter. It was easy to decide what to write on since there is a new practice in my life that highlights every day. Since the beginning of 2017 I have carved out 10 minutes everyday to devote myself to prayer. I wondered if […]

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Posted on March 1st by Barry Braun

I am a “numbers” guy so the idea of seven is very interesting to me. It is most often viewed as the number of completion. The creation was completed in seven days according to the Bible. The rainbow is significant to God’s promises and it has seven colors. The Israelite’s marched around Jericho seven times […]

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