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Through the Fire

Posted on January 16th by Barry Braun

Mostly I want to acknowledge the fire and make a note about our situation a week later. It was exactly a week ago I was standing outside the north end of our building watching smoke billow out of the windows. I was rather numb and hardly remember anything about the next 4 hours. I do […]

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Advent Conspiracy

Posted on December 11th by Barry Braun

You may be familiar with this title. Our church is joining other churches around the country to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. Previously, we have given lip service to putting Christ first at Christmas time. But Advent Conspiracy challenges all of us to do something that demonstrates our heart for Christ. This is our […]

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September Came and Went

Posted on October 17th by Barry Braun

You might not have noticed but I try to send a blog once a month. I know that is way below the national average for bloggers but readership isn’t breaking any records either. My blog for September was meant to be upbeat and full of hope. I began the month with a genuine excitement for […]

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