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Posted on February 18th by Barry Braun

My previous blog highlights the word “better.” That describes 2015 at New Harvest so well. God made last year better. He gets the credit for sure! But this year’s word is different in several ways. Primarily “stronger” is connected to my effort. If I say I want to be stronger by December 31st, I will […]

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Posted on December 30th by Barry Braun

I am a New Year’s kind of guy. I like new beginnings. Last year I had this strong impression as we began 2015 that the Lord would cause our ministry to be better. Nine days in the new year we had a fire that displaced us from our church building for three months. Who would […]

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Two Little Words

Posted on November 23rd by Barry Braun

Since the closest holiday is Thanksgivings I bet you can guess what two words I am highlighting. If your mother was like mine, she made you say it even if you didn’t feel like saying it. But no matter what, Mom was right. Uttering these two little words even when they aren’t completely sincere still […]

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