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Elected By God’s Mercy

Posted on March 13th by Barry Braun

Because this sermon was not recorded for your listening experience, I am putting together a short summary of Roman’s 9. I think the Apostle Paul is trying to express God’s perspective, when we so often look at life from our perspective. His main concern is his fellow Jews, who have rejected the message of Christ, […]

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Pass It On

Posted on January 25th by Barry Braun

I am convinced that New Harvest is the most spiritually mature Church I have ever served. There is evidence of knowledge, love and service in many ways. Many in our Body have walked with God for decades rather than just years. I feel stronger in the presence of many witnesses. It is a privilege to […]

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Posted on October 3rd by Barry Braun

As I entered this world in 1956 there were a few traditions that governed my parents. Infant baptism, holidays with extended family and church attendance highlighted my life even before I had any personal recall. My parents have been and continue to be devote Lutherans. There was a time that I didn’t think much of […]

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