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Training verses Trying

Posted on June 26th by Barry Braun

“Good news! We’re from the United States Olympic Committee. We have been looking for someone to run the marathon in the next Olympics. We have statistics on every person in the entire nation on computer. We have checked everybody’s record — their performance in the president’s physical fitness test in grade school, body type, bone […]

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A Mate for My Son

Posted on April 20th by Barry Braun

This past Sunday my youngest child got married. He committed himself to Devin to be her husband in good faith and so live according to the will of God as long as they both shall live. It was an exciting event that culminated years of prayer for my children. Wendy and I have four kids […]

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Elected By God’s Mercy

Posted on March 13th by Barry Braun

Because this sermon was not recorded for your listening experience, I am putting together a short summary of Roman’s 9. I think the Apostle Paul is trying to express God’s perspective, when we so often look at life from our perspective. His main concern is his fellow Jews, who have rejected the message of Christ, […]

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