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Irreconcilable Differences

Posted on June 28th by Barry Braun

You have heard this phrase used before.  This is a common term for the cause of marital divorce.  Obviously, it fits for other relationships as well.  Possible it could describe two churches.  As I anticipate tomorrow’s service announcing reconciliation between New Harvest Church and Dayspring Fellowship, I am reminded of a season in which irreconcilable […]

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Changing Times/Shifting Culture

Posted on May 30th by Barry Braun

Have you notice how rapid things are changing?  No one could disagree me that we are experiencing unprecedented change in our society.  For me, the change is so rapid that I can barely tell how it is affecting me.  But it is no doubt “rubbing” off on me and you.  The most dramatic changes relate […]

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“The Last Post”

Posted on April 15th by Barry Braun

What if you read this title and realized that I am gone.  Holy Week actually gets me thinking about death.  I am reading the chapters in the Bible about Jesus’ last hours before death.  He ate his last supper.  He walked his last mile.  He breathed his last breath.  So, it makes me think about […]

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