A Mate for My Son

This past Sunday my youngest child got married. He committed himself to Devin to be her husband in good faith and so live according to the will of God as long as they both shall live. It was an exciting event that culminated years of prayer for my children. Wendy and I have four kids and they are all married now. For me that is especially meaningful because I have prayed for their mates often over years. In fact, I have had two prayers for each of our children: “Lord, draw them to yourself that they might receive forgiveness and salvation through Jesus. And Lord, lead them to the right life partner in marriage praying that they would marry a Christian and they would discover Your choice for their marriage partner.” Sunday was the final answer to those prayers. Each of my children love the Lord, are married to a Christian mate and have chosen God’s gift for them in marriage. I am more than delighted and my heart is full. Thank you God.

So why do I write about such a personal subject? I believe God has called me to be an example to the Body. I want my example to be your practice. Obviously, this is directed to parents the most. However, this is a valid prayer for our grand kids also. What could be more important than salvation and marriage? I can’t think of anything. A career choice is important but pales in comparison to eternal salvation and a life-partner. Don’t you agree?! Why not begin praying these prayers for your children and grandchildren? My testimony is true and my prayers have been answered. I believe the same for you. Do you have any questions or comments you would like to share?

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