Can’t Keep It To Ourselves

barrys-blogWhether I have been deeply influenced by 2 Corinthians or just want to do more for Christ, I have been thinking about our mission. 2 Corinthians calls us Ambassadors for Christ (2 COR 5:20) which is an amazing title, to say the least. We have been studying this Letter as we began the new school year. It says a lot about ministry and there’s a lot to say. I hear about new opportunities almost everyday. So what should we do?

It all begins with the family. The Word of God tells us to “love each other” several times. Jesus told his disciples to begin with each other and go from there. The need to love, support, encourage, accept… each other is first and foremost. But ministry must not stop there. So what is next? That is an especially hard question for me as a pastor. There are so many good ways to shine the light of Christ in this world. But what does God specifically have in mind for New Harvest?

We have asked God to clarify our focus so that we make a concerted effort to touch people through our loving actions and gracious words. There are four specific ways we want to express our mission to the local community: We are a Food Bank to our neighbors every third Saturday as we help over 500 people a month with “daily bread.” Second, we are partnering with Salem Young Life in reaching out to students at McKay High School. Third, we serve Hallman Elementary School with an after school program, reading buddies, clothing drive and other volunteer opportunities. Finally, we partner with Prison Fellowship through the Angel Tree Christmas gift giving to children of prisoners, connect with men and women soon to be released and lead Bible Studies in the jail. This highlights our local mission endeavor and we strive to become more effective and productive as we freely share what Jesus has given us. Won’t you help us fulfill our mission?!