I am excited about a new emphasis on communion in our church. We decided to have the elements of the Lord’s Supper available every Sunday. I have been a pastor for 32 years and never chose to move in this direction. But I have been so surprised by this new approach. As I have felt a strong connection to Christ and the Spirit stirring my heart, it has led me to the table every Sunday. It has been so meaningful to me.

My first response to the idea was hesitant. I didn’t want the table to become a mere ritual. Communion seems very significant so I wouldn’t want the meaning to be lost in repetition. But four Sundays later I am eager to approach the Lord’s table with a soft and responsive heart. That is what has been happening for me. It shouldn’t surprise me because I have always believed that communion was special. The Lord instituted is for our spiritual nourishment and ongoing growth as people of faith. Anything that promotes “communion” with Christ is sure to make an impact. I love how God is using it in my life and I am quite sure he is doing the same in many of your lives.

There is something else to add to my thoughts about communion. Communion also includes the sense of connection we have with each other as the Body of Christ. We affirm our need for the Lord along with our common faith in him when we partake as his church. This Sunday we will share the meal together as has been our monthly practice since the church began.

Why is the Lord’s Table so significant? How has God used it to bless you; challenge you? I believe the practice of communion will be used by God to deepen us in him and enhance of connection to each other. I thank God for this special meal.