Community Groups

It is our goal that everyone that calls New Harvest their church home will have an intentional connection with others as we seek God together.

Sunday morning services come with great blessings. However most people don’t know each other very well and within a few minutes of the service ending most people are on their way to other things and places.  The enjoyment and encouragement that comes from interacting with others is sometimes hard to get a hold of. The hurry, disappointment and challenges of life are very real and very difficult to navigate alone.

At New Harvest we connect through what we call SmallGroups. It is in these groups that we realize that we are not alone in the game of life. Someone else has or is experiencing the same feelings and issues we are.  At New Harvest trusting the forgiveness that only Jesus Christ can give is the beginning of everything. Second, is the connecting with a handful of others on a regular basis to both grow spiritually and to experience Christ like love and friendship.