Why a Group?

What and Why a Group

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Connecting with God and Others

While the Sunday Service is a blessing for the larger groups, we believe that smaller groups of fellowship and study create even larger blessings for life change. once you have come to know the forgiveness of Jesus, setting out to trust him as your leader and friend, few things could be more important than finding a small group of similar minded friends. In your Small Group, you can grow spiritually as you laugh and cry together.

Who Has Time For A Group?

The truth is, nearly all of us come to the end of the day worn out and tired. Coming home and then going out again seems not only crazy but impossible! And candidly speaking, I have been there also. Funny thing though, every other week I meet with 3 other men for about 1 hour & 15 minutes & I love it. More often than not, I go home with renewed energy & a fresh outlook.

Children at soccer practice, DMV lines, doctor’s appointments, visiting relatives & a boss that makes life feel impossible. All of these are realities of life that make attending a Small Group a bit challenging, but not reasons to “not join a group”. New Thought. These are more likely the reasons to be in a group than not. Consider how hectic, fast-paced life is with all of its challenges & disappointments. We need some down time. We need to feel listened to, & to share parts of our lives with others, or we will descend into a very weary and lonely place. Everyone needs a few good friends.


four reasons not to join a group

A Group

Groups usually consist of 3-10 people. A group can meet in a home, Starbucks, church or even a restaurant. Some Groups use workbooks, some use videos or a devotional book. Others simply use Sunday’s sermon notes & the Bible. Young & old, new & old Christians, singles & marrieds. Our diversity is a part of our strength.