Spiritual Growth

The Green Room

A Spiritual Growth Adventure

The “The Green Room” is a chance to revisit your understanding of God’s plan, a chance to recalibrate your thinking and grasp of the Bible. In this class/group if your motivation to follow Jesus moves away from fear and guilt to inspired by love and joy; if your confidence and awe of God is enhanced, I believe our time will have been well spent.

What you know
Whether you have a little knowledge of the Bible or a lot, having a practical game plan of “how” to use that knowledge is really a game changer.

Game Changers
In “The Green Room” we will spend time considering what practices and ideas some devoted Christians have used. Let’s face it, “just trying harder” all the time doesn’t really work.

Another great reason to attend the 8 sessions of The Green Room is this; if in the future you find that you have wandered off the path, it will be very helpful to have formed a simple plan to re-engage your walk with the Lord.

For more information or to sign-up for The Green Room,  call New Harvest Church 503.763.6911 or Click “Connect” on the website tool bar, then “Community Groups” and click “Getting Connected to a Group.” With your information, we will contact you as soon as possible.