Next Generation

Have you had a verse in the Bible become so significant that you can’t get it out of your mind? That happened to me about a month ago. Here it is: “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” (Psalm 145:4) This one verse has created an urgency in my heart about the longevity and legacy of New Harvest. I remember realizing that my life ambition was to make sure I passed on the truth of Jesus to my children. It became a top priority. It shaped my use of time, emphasis in prayer and the focal point of my love. Twenty years later my children love the Lord and want to serve Him. But what about our church? Do the parents of New Harvest have a similar vision for their children? What about the church family as a whole? What about me and my spiritual energy and focus; is it for the next generation? I had to admit that it had not been so and I needed to change.

I deem this topic as crucial to the church worldwide but especially in America. It is easy to realize what will happen if we lose a generation. The church in America will resemble the church in Europe which is almost nonexistent. This topic fills my prayers and troubles my thoughts. I not only am convicted about my previous lack of concern but I feel responsible for the apathy in the church concerning children. I am being quite honest about my heavy heart and equally open about my uncertainty on what to do. So I invite your prayers and your input. How can we intentionally and wholeheartedly raise up the generation of people who love God passionately? Let’s leave it at that and open a dialogue of give and take. Prayerfully submitted!


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