Psalms: In the End, Praise!

It is surprising to me after 20 years of preaching most Sundays I have never tackled a series on Psalms. But that will end this summer. We have twelve Sundays marked out for Psalms! I wonder what your thoughts are about studying Psalms for the summer? Some of you might think we are headed into a “lite” season of reading “fluffy” poetry. I actually hope you think that because surprises are usually inspiring and even life-changing.

Too often believers remain “safe” with God. Sing softly, speak quietly and do what you are supposed do semi-regularly. That is how we do most of our relationships as well as many other aspects of life. But Psalms will not allow you to be casual. If you want to remain safe, you will ignore the push of this ancient book or only give it lip service. But authentic connection will stir you deep within.

This amazing collection of songs and prayers goes deep. So often the psalmist expresses our heart felt concerns as well as the ache in our souls. Psalms presents the whole range of human experiences that bless and break us down at the same time. David and the other writers honestly poured out their true feelings revealing a dynamic and intimate friendship with God. They went deep and they invite us to do so as well. You will hear the writers crying out to God from the depths of despair, and you will hear them singing to God in the heights of celebration. It is the full envelop of life that God understands and desires from us. He is the one who responds and helps us in every situation. Psalms verifies that!

The title of the series is inspired by the last full sentence of the Book: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” (Psalm 150:6) May this Book, as God’s Word, guide you into a deep and genuine relationship with God!