Succession Plan

As one of David’s son, Adonijah claimed his father’s throne in 1 Kings 1. Upon hearing this, the Prophet Nathan visited King David as he was bedridden. He asked him if had made Adonijah his successor. Obviously not since we know Solomon became the next King. But no one was for sure what David had in mind for a succession plan. It was a very confusing time for God’s people. Please read 1 Kings 1 & 2 to see what can happen when no one is sure how to proceed.

Then remind yourself about Moses and Joshua. Joshua served as Moses’ aid for many years and was the God-given choice to follow Moses as the leader of the Israelite’s. This plan was used by God to move the people forward and help them conquer the Promised Land. It is a hopeful story with clear evidence of God at work. I like this story so much better.

With that mind we have been seeking God for His succession plan for our church. The leadership of our church believes that Tyler Braun is called by God to be our next Senior Pastor. We began a 5 year process in 2018 as Tyler sought out counsel and spent time in prayer asking the Lord to confirm God’s will for him and for our church. It became clear to him that God was in this and because of that he said “yes.” We felt the next step should be to tell you which we did at our Annual Meeting in January.

The process is meant to be gradual, with small but identifiable steps, all culminating as we affirm Tyler as our Senior Pastor through a membership vote in 2023. At this point in time it is my purpose to continue pastoral ministry at New Harvest in 2023 as I will support Tyler in his new lead role as Senior Pastor of our church.

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