ten-minutesHow’s that for an interesting title?! There are at least two tens that make us more complete as we begin the New Year. Ten is the number for completion so two tens is way more than 20. This January we will meet at 10AM as well as intentionally pray for our church 10 minutes a day. These two “tens” represent individual and community growth in Christ. Meeting together on Sundays will enhance our togetherness and remind us that we are one Body. Ten minutes of prayer for the church is sure to stir our own spiritual vitality and bless God’s work among us.

As a young adult, I remember being ten for ten from the free-throw line playing intramural college basketball. That meant I was shooting 100%. These two tens do not guarantee 100% commitment. But they point to such a goal. The emphasis is on discipleship. The Scripture always highlights wholehearted love and devotion for those who are in the faith. We are believers but we are more than believers. We are called by Jesus to walk the road of discipleship. We are his present day disciples. The key to his kingdom advancing is the 100% commitment of those who say “yes” to this road of discipleship. The bigger theme in January is commitment to Christ. Two ways to live out that commitment is 10AM on Sundays and 10 minutes a day on your knees. What does it mean to you to be a disciple of Christ?