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Classes start Sunday, February  26 – March 19
6 – 7:30 PM at NHC
4 weeks long

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Mission & Purpose

New Harvest Institute is an initiative to build into and equip followers of Jesus through enhanced learning environments around the subjects of Bible, theology, culture, and spiritual formation. If the church doesn’t disciple people, the world will. 

Current Class Offerings

Faith, Gender, & Sexuality
Pastor Tyler Braun

This video and discussion series will guide you through some of the most difficult topics of our day as they relate to gender and sexuality. Find out how you can be informed and biblically sound on this issue.

The Importance of Healthy Relationships
Pastor Barry Braun

There are Biblical principles that are meant to shape how we relate to each other. Our God is a relational God. His influence on our lives will direct the “how to’s” for our human relationships. We believe in connection and this class will help us have the best connections possible. Mutual relationships, mentoring relationships, mending relationships, and ministering relationships will serve as an outline for this four-week class. 

Spiritual formation: Enhancing the Christian Life You Have
Pastor Steve Entz

Most Christians know what their Christian lives could or should look like, how we are supposed to go about making that happen is proven quite challenging. This class is a chance to recalibrate our thinking, goals and habits. It is a chance to see if everything is still adding up as you once thought. Since all of us tend to get distracted from the path God has laid out for us, it can be very helpful to have a simple plan to find the center of the path again. We will focus on the main points with some helpful ideas that can leave us better equipped to experience what God has always had in mind for us.

Theology 101
Craig Kuhn

Theology 101 is a study of Christian doctrine helping learners develop a systematic understanding of theology that relies on God’s revelation in the Bible. We will address classical areas of evangelical theology such as the Bible, God/the Trinity, Christ, the Holy Spirit. 

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