Mission & Purpose

New Harvest Institute is an initiative to build into and equip followers of Jesus through enhanced learning environments around the subjects of Bible, theology, culture, and spiritual formation. If the church doesn’t disciple people, the world will. 

Spring 2024

Registration now open for the Spring 2024 New Harvest Institute

Please choose one class you will attend for 4 weeks.

  • How to Study The Bible with Pastor Tyler Braun & Debi Stangeland

    • An introduction to reading, studying, and understanding the Bible. We will discuss practical tips, helpful resources, and various methods of study that will help you read the Bible, and enjoy it, for life.
  •  The Holy Spirit with Pastor Barry Braun

    • One topic in Christian Theology that has often been overlooked or misunderstood is the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. For this reason alone, you will benefit from the importance of the “who and what” on the Holy Spirit. Who he is and what he does will highlight our four week study on the third person of the Trinity. 
  • Prayer with Pastor Steve Entz

    • What if God had something more in mind? This class hopes to make prayer an easier and more rewarding part of our lives. Just imagine God saying, “Just set your bag of requests down over there and let’s just relax and talk for a while”. We will look at the scripture together and see if this is really possible.
  • Theology 102 Dr. Craig Kuhn

    • We will explore and discuss various areas such as the doctrine of humanity and sin. We’ll discuss the theology of the church and salvation, and we’ll close with a discussion on the end time! The class is large-group discussion with small group table-top exercises scattered throughout the four weeks. In other words, it will be more interactive. Come join the conversation.

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Fall 2023 (Complete)

  • Faith, Gender, & Sexuality with Pastor Tyler Braun

  • The Holy Spirit with Pastor Barry Braun

  • Spiritual Formation: Better Goals, Better Outcomes with Pastor Steve Entz

  • The Theology Of Genesis: Chapters 1-11 with Dr. Craig Kuhn

  • Book Study for Women: “Women of the Word” with Debi Stangeland