We believe Scripture affirms the value of children and we seek to encourage and equip parents as the primary spiritual role model for their children.

Mission & Purpose

At HARVEST KIDS our goal is to guide children to Christ and help them lead God-centered lives.

We do this by creating an environment that is:

    • Geared towards children
    • Safe
    • Bible-centered
    • Relevant
    • Relational
    • Family-oreiented
    • Fun


We offer classes for all ages:

    • Nursery (6 weeks-24 months)
    • Preschool (2 -4 year olds)
    • Lower Elementary (K-2nd grade)
    • Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grade)


Current Curriculum

We are currently making our way through a curriculum called The Gospel Project. Watch the video below to learn how one story changes everything.

Contact: Heather Roholt for more information

We use Church Center at New HarvestYou can preregister and check in your child with Church Center. Click here to download this to your mobile device or click your app provider below.