Volunteer Opportunities


We are always on the lookout for a few good men or women. Has God been putting it on your heart to get involved here at New Harvest, but you’re not sure where you fit? Come talk to Barry and see if volunteering with the youth group might be your thing. We have plenty of ideas we could use your help with. Such as:

Weekly Youth Group leaders

Small Group leaders


Behind the scenes set up/ clean up


Feeding the homeless

Help with meals for the youth


Maybe you’re a guy who loves sports, or a gal who’s into art or vice-versa. Young adults and not-so-young adults have a powerful opportunity to influence the lives of today’s teens. Unfortunately, something like 8 out of 10 students walk away from the church after High School and beyond any event, game, or program what is going to keep young people in the church is when older people take a serious interest in their lives.



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