New Harvest
Senior Pastor Transition

Dear New Harvest Family,

The Elder Board believes this is a good time to refresh everyone’s memory regarding our senior pastor transition plan. Next year at this time, we anticipate that Tyler Braun will be leading the church as our Senior Pastor. Since we have been preparing for this for some time, some might be thinking “it’s about time,” or, “wow, that happened quickly.” On May 1st, 2022, Barry will hand over the lead role to Tyler after receiving a membership confirmation vote at the Annual Meeting of at least 75%. We have great assurance that this is God’s plan and that the best is yet to come for New Harvest.

As Barry and the Elder Board began this process, our first step was seeking God’s will through prayer. We brought the idea to Tyler and he intentionally prayed about the opportunity and sought out counsel from godly leaders outside of our church family. This step was crucial for Tyler as the interaction was thorough and very honest. Even though Tyler’s gifts are different from Barry’s, his leadership instincts are as strong and well-suited for the changing dynamics of church life and our culture in today’s world. At that time, we unanimously affirmed Tyler’s willingness to serve our church as the next Senior Pastor.

Since then, Tyler has been attending our Elder meetings and sharing his input for future plans and direction for the church. He was very involved in scripting our storyline, for example, which emphasizes the kind of church God wants us to be: “You were created for connection: connection to Christ and to a community of His followers. But fear gets in the way, which can make you feel hopeless. And no one in a church should ever feel hopeless. We understand. We’ve experienced the same fear and failures. But we have accepted Christ’s invitation to live without fear and to open ourselves to deep, meaningful connections. When you open up and overcome fear, you can go from hopeless to hopeful and start living a life overflowing with joy, grace and compassion.”

Tyler’s expertise and hard work have been invaluable over these last 15 months. He displayed the ability to face this Covid-crisis with strong problem-solving skills and decisive leadership. If there was ever a question about Tyler’s readiness to serve the Body as our next Senior Pastor, these were laid to rest as our church has positively moved forward with Tyler playing the key role. As we anticipate the fall season, Tyler and Barry will be sharing the preaching equally. This will not be a big change for them since they have always collaborated on their approach for the weekly sermons. But this is something you might notice as we launch our fall ministries this coming September. We will also be adjusting our worship ministry as we enter this new phase.

The membership of our church will have the opportunity to confirm Tyler’s call from God as our next Senior Pastor in January of 2022. At our Annual Meeting next year, we will receive a membership vote to officially accept Tyler Braun as our Senior Pastor beginning in May of 2022. We feel fortunate to sense God’s care and guidance for our church, knowing that the future is hopeful and bright.

It also seems important to assure you that Barry desires to continue serving our church and feels called to play a supportive role to Tyler. He has enjoyed over 35 years of pastoral ministry and has no plans to retire. With his willingness, we plan to continue his full-time employment emphasizing pastoral care, discipleship, prison ministry, counseling, preaching regularly, developing a stronger prayer ministry and anything else that might help New Harvest accomplish our mission.

We invite you to direct any questions or input by going to this page.

God has our best in mind,

The Elder Board

Craig Kuhn (Chairman of the Elders), Ben Milner, Elvon Kauffman, Ian Roholt, Kevin Offield, Mark Hubbell, Ron Moore

June 2021